Why is Perflow™ Important?

In 2009, we launched our signature Perflow™ fabric, it is integral to all BK Atelier products. Why you ask? When creating our carriers and totes we wanted a fabric that was lightweight, distinctive and vegan. We searched for the best vegan materials in the market and found that most either had a plastic blend, harsh chemical dyes or the quality was not up to our standards. 

Our fabric is created from cotton canvas which makes our carriers and totes flexible and lightweight, coated in wax for durability and longevity. Our hardware is nickel-free, our dyes are environmentally friendly. What makes Perflow™ unique is our perforation that allows your pup to see out while others can't see in. This allows privacy for your pup and easing their travel anxiety whether in a busy airport, hotel lobby or crowded shopping areas. 

Our goal for Perflow™ is to continue to expand our line and make all of our carriers and totes in a socially responsible manner. We are currently working on producing Perflow™ from 100% organic cotton which will reduce the environmental impact of cotton manufacturing. 

Perflow™. 100% Vegan. Made for animals, not from animals.